Melanting Waterfall Bali | A Complete Guide to Melanting Waterfall

Munduk, the small Bali hiden gem and hillside village, with rolling rice plantations and insane nature views, is fast becoming one of the must-stop places on any Bali itinerary. And its reputation for waterfalls is well-deserved. It has some of the most jawdropping waterfalls you’ll ever see. And the pearl of those? Melanting Waterfall.

Read on for why you should visit Melanting Waterfall as part of your Munduk Waterfalls Trek!

How to get to Melanting Waterfall

Generally most people wanting to visit Melanting Waterfall will look to stay a night or two in Munduk village, in which case you can simply walk to the waterfall and it’s neighbouring falls.

Munduk Waterfalls - the entrance for Melanting Waterfall

However, you can also include the waterfall as part of a Bali island tour. In this case, the waterfall is conveniently located near four other main tourist attractions: Pura Ulun Danu Beratan temple, The Handara Gate, Wanagiri Hidden Hills (the selfie park) and the Twin Lakes.

Getting to the Melanting and Munduk waterfalls will take about 45 minutes – 1 hour from Lovina, 2 hours from Canggu and 90 minutes from Ubud (in case you need it, we’ve got the perfect 3 day Ubud itinerary for you).

If you’re travelling on a scooter or motorbike, be warned that Munduk is relatively hilly so you should feel very comfortable on a bike if taking this route!

If you’re not comfortable on a moped, you can easily rent a private driver – find one here. Usually a private driver for one day sets you back between 500,000 – 700,000 IDR (35 – 50 USD / 27.50 – 40 GBP) and includes 10 hours of travel, all fuel and insurance. By getting a driver, you’ll also be able to explore other many of the other beautiful spots near to the Melanting and Munduk waterfalls.

Once you’re in Munduk, usually the Melanting Waterfall is visited alongside the Munduk, Red Coral and Golden Valley falls. Check out our full Munduk Waterfalls Guide to get the map and associated trekking information.

The waterfall is accessed via nearly 500 stairs. The stairs are very sturdy so no need to worry about safety but they can be a little steep.

The stairs at Munduk Waterfall

Because the waterfall is near the town, you don’t necessarily have to ascend the steps again after your waterfall visit. Instead, you can take the nearby path back to the main road of the town. This path is a dirt trail and mainly uphill, so sturdy shoes are advised.

When to go to Melanting Waterfall

The best time of year to visit Melanting and it’s neighbouring falls is between June to August, when it’s not very hot and also not raining. We visited in October and while it was a bit warm, most of the walk is in the shade and so quite bearable.

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Where to stay in Munduk

On a budget? Munduk is a great place to stay! Whether it’s a homestay or one of the hotels, there are lots of affordable options in the town. Keep in mind that it’s not a main tourist hub though, so don’t expect a 5 star experience!

Luxury: Top of the pile is the jawdropping Munduk Moding Plantation. The incredible views from the pool, the sumptuous suites and the impeccable service make this the property of your dreams.

Mid-range: Lesong Hotel is the pick of the bunch. It’s not located right in the village, instead located in nearby ricefields but this means it has a serenity you won’t find in the centre (which has quite a lot of barking dogs and morning roosters!)

Budget: We’re big fans of Nadya Homestay, the highest rated budget accommodation in the area. Wonderful, helpful staff, a great on-site restaurant, killer views and a comfy bed. What more could you ask for?

What to expect at Melanting Waterfall

Melanting was one of our favourite waterfalls in Munduk. Not only is it very accessible since it’s situated very close to Munduk village itself, but this 15 metre waterfall is one of the most powerful we visited.

You can sit for ages just watching the water gushing down into the rock pool below.

While we found that the waterfall had a few people when we first arrived, they soon disappeared and we had about twenty blissful minutes alone.

Swimming at Melanting Waterfall

Unfortunately it’s not really advisable to swim at Melanting. It does have a waterfall pool but since the falls are so powerful, there is a lot of spray and swimming wouldn’t be too pleasant. Depending on the season it might be possible to swim in the smaller pool but when we visited this was very shallow and not even fit for wading.

You can however swim at the nearby Labuhan Kebo pool, just ten minutes walk away from Melanting.

Melanting Waterfall Entrance Fee

At time of writing, the cost to enter Melanting was 10, 000 IDR / 0.70 USD / 0.50 GBP per person. This fee is collected by a friendly ticket collector in a booth at the top of the staircase.

There is also a ticket booth at the bottom of the waterfall which should collect fees if coming from the village directly but this was unmanned when we visited.

Parking fees near the waterfall are usually 2,000 IDR.

Munduk Waterfalls - entrance fee

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Melanting Waterfalls FAQ

How difficult is the walk to Melanting Waterfall?

It’s moderate. Coming from the village side this is mainly a downhill dirt trail of about 300m which only becomes a bit more difficult on the return. However, if you continue on to the other waterfalls in the area, you’ll need to ascend 470 steep stairs, which can be a little exhausting!

Do I need a local guide to visit Melanting waterfall?

No. Whether you only want to visit Melanting, or want to do the full waterfall hike, you definitely don’t need a guide. Insider tip is to download beforehand and download the offline area map, which is very helpful when navigating. Or, make like us, and just ask the locals you encounter, who are all very helpful!

What should I pack for Melanting Waterfall?

We recommend a few key things:

  • Hiking sandals or water shoes. You can get away with flip flops but it’s not advisable. Similarly, sneakers would work fine but might get soaked during your waterfall visit.
  • Sunscreen. It’s hot in Bali and the sun is quite fierce.
  • Waterproof bag or camera cover. If you want to get some of the cracking shots close-up, you’ll want to ensure you have a waterproof casing for your phone or camera, or that you can quickly dry it off and put it in your bag.
  • Water. Keep hydrated on the hike.

Can I buy food or drink at Melanting waterfall?

The waterfall itself doesn’t have any food or snack stalls but there are a few dotted around the area. Use the map since most are indicated on here.

Which other waterfalls should I visit in Munduk?

Most people don’t visit Golden Valley Munduk, which makes it a great choice. We’d recommend starting at Golden Valley, continuing to Red Coral Waterfall, then Labuhan Kebo Waterfall and ending at Melanting before getting back into the village.

Are there any other waterfalls near to Munduk?

Other than the Munduk waterfall trek, there are heaps of great waterfalls in driving distance of the town. Banyumala Waterfall is in nearby Wanagiri (famous for the Wanagiri Hidden Hills and Twin Lakes viewpoint, or many people will hire a driver or a motorbike to visit Gitgit Waterfall, Aling Waterfall or Sekumpul Waterfall.

A little further afield, and if you head towards Ubud, there are some fantastic waterfalls near Ubud.

What camera equipment and other gear do we use?

We’re living proof that you don’t need the most expensive gear to travel the world and take good photos. Here are some of our must have items that make it into the packing list for all our travels.

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