From the historic streets of Rome to the captivating canals of Venice, Italy is a country like no other. Whether it’s ambling down the Amalfi Coast, trying to cram your Fiat 500 into the throng of cars snaking along it’s roads, or indulging in copious amounts of world-class wine in Tuscany, Italy is one of those destinations that you just can’t get enough of, and offers so much for the traveler.

A feast for sun lovers, you’ll find some of the best beaches in the country, from stunning Sardinia to quieter shores like Sicily or even some of the tucked away gems in the Amalfi itself, like little-known Duogli Beach that we found while visiting there. Looking for a wintry wonderland? You’ll find some of Europe’s best skiing and snowboarding in the Dolomites, with picturesque granite cliffs contrasting with powder white slopes.

We’ve been to a number of postcard-perfect places in Italy: from a surprisingly quiet Venice and a stint in nearby Shakespearean favourite, Verona, to time spent in fashion mecca, Milan, of course the usual stops in capital Rome, the achingly cool Lake Como and hopping along the Amalfi, with trips to nearby Capri. With so many famous landmarks and iconic places on offer, it’s clear you have to add Italy to your bucket list. And that we, ourselves, need to explore more of this incredible country.

Landmarks in Italy | The top 25 must-visit Italy landmarks

Landmarks in Italy | The top 25 must-visit Italy landmarks

The nation that brought the Renaissance to the world, with a rich history of building exquisite structures and monuments that have inspired a thousand …