Hong Kong

One of the most densely populated cities in the world, Hong Kong is a chaotic, vibrant and bustling place to visit. Not quite a country but technically a ‘Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. And has been as such since the British handover in 1997.

Set in a geographically important location, over the years it became a major hub for shipping and commerce. By the 1990’s it had become one of the largest financial hubs in the world. And with many people keen to live here, it has garnered the title of city with the most skyscrapers.

That all said, the diversity of the population, makes this city a unique place to visit with a blend of numerous cultures providing the platform for great food, shopping and sightseeing.

Our favourite Hong Kong trip itinerary

Our favourite Hong Kong trip itinerary

Hong Kong – a city characterised by its contrasts. Gleaming skyscrapers and well-clad shoppers vs. gritty side-streets and humble, authentic yet award-winning food. It is …