What to say about the United States of America (USA) that hasn’t already been said by so many?

The land of the brave, the US has influenced the entire world with it’s food, culture and film and television series. It’s given us baseball and basketball and American football (sorry guys, we still prefer rugby!). And we closely follow it’s politics, even when we should probably be a bit more focussed on the going-ons in our own countries.

Neither of us has travelled extensively in the USA, only visiting New York, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Which sounds like a lot but, when the country is as vast and varied as the US, it’s a drop in the proverbial ocean.

We loved New York: the pace, the high rises, the burgers you can find at 2am after a day pounding the pavements. We enjoyed Miami, for it’s slightly oppressive heat but gorgeous beaches, hip cafes and endless highways. And Chicago offers it’s own appeal.

However, one of our favourite areas is Monterey and Big Sur, which you might know from the award-winning hit series, Big Little Lies. Since James’ aunt lives in the region, he has explored much of it, from the beautiful coastal drives to the pristine beaches that it offers. You can read more in our City Guide to Monterey, linked below.

Monterey Attractions – California’s coastal gem

Monterey Attractions – California’s coastal gem

More than just the inspiration for Steinbeck or the location for TV breakout hit, Big Little Lies, Monterey and the surrounding west coast area &…