Sydney Photography Spots | The most Instagrammable places in Sydney

With its iconic Opera House standing guard in the harbour, Sydney is a city renowned for its beauty. Which makes it ideal for photographers – both professional and amateur – and of course for content creators and Instagram junkies. And to ensure you don’t miss any of the must-see (and secret) Instagram spots, we’ve put together a list of all the must-visit Sydney photography spots, created a helpful interactive map of all these great locations to help you get there, and of course, given you a little background to each of these, making sure you know everything you need to about the most Instagrammable places in Sydney.

So, whether you’re a local budding snapper or a global travel photographer, we’ve got every Sydney photography spot that you need for your Sydney itinerary, so read on to find out what photo spots made it onto the list. But, if you need any more advice, get in touch with us by leaving a comment below.

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Our Top 10 most Instagrammable places in Sydney

It’s hard to create a short list with so many spectacular Sydney photography spots to frequent. That said, here’s our countdown of the top ten Instagrammable places in Sydney:

  1. Luna Park
  2. Queen Victoria Building
  3. Royal National Park
  4. Hornby Lighthouse
  5. Grounds of Alexandria
  6. Bondi Icebergs
  7. Strand Arcade
  8. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair
  9. Kirribilli
  10. Shangri-La Sydney

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Luna Park

One of the most famous Instagram spots in Sydney, Luna Park in our opinion is best visited at dusk. On a clear evening, with the park lit up, it makes for some great photos.

The park, located on the North Shore, was originally built way back in 1935, but was closed in 1979 after a fire, and the resulting deaths of some of the amusement park’s guests. After a rocky few years after opening, failing inspections, noise complaints and several closures, the park was finally re-opened successfully in 2004.

Top Tip: Want an altogether different view of Luna Park? Head to the North Sydney Olympic Pool to get a cracking shot with it in the background!

Queen Victoria Building

The Queen Victoria Building or as it’s lovingly known to the locals, QVB, is one of the most stunning buildings in Sydney in its own right.

Built in the late 1800s, the Queen Victoria Building is one of Sydney’s most famous landmarks and sits pride of place on George Street in the Sydney CBD.

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George Street

And while we’re on George Street, the original ‘high street’ for the city is a photographer’s dream, with its straight tram lines and beautiful facades makes it one of our favourite Instagrammable places in Sydney.

Top tip: If you want to get a shot of George Street empty, you best head there first thing in the morning around sunrise to avoid the crowds… although if you’re keen to have a shot in the QVB that’ll mean planning at least 2 visits to this spot!

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

This sandstone bench was carved by convicts way back in 1810, providing the perfect place for Elizabeth Macquarie, the wife of the Governor of New South Wales, to enjoy the beautiful view of Sydney Harbour.

Nowadays, Lady Macquarie’s Chair offers one of the best views back across to the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge, so a definite top Sydney photography spot to have on your list if you’re looking to light up your Instagram feed.

Top Tip: Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is part of The Domain and close to the Royal Botanic Gardens so if you’re venturing out that way, it’s a great opportunity to make a day of it.

The Grounds of Alexandria

In what is one of the most Instagrammed places in Sydney, it’s specifically ‘The Gardens’ at the Grounds of Alexandria that makes it onto our list of most Instagrammable places in the city.

With its enchanting glass house, and stunning lighting, this space is a must-visit for that perfect Instagram photo.

What’s more the café’s not half bad either – if you can, we’d recommend that you book in for a weekend brunch!

Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour

You can’t visit Sydney without heading to Circular Quay, it’d be like heading to New York and missing out on Central Park… well not quite, but you know what we mean.

The former working port, turned tourism hub, provides one of the best views in Sydney of its most famous landmarks. Not to mention it has some great restaurants, bars, parks and walkways to explore.


Described by CN Traveller as Sydney’s coolest neighbourhood, it’s no surprise that Chippendale as an area makes it into the best photography spots in Sydney.

With awesome cafés and outdoor spaces that make the perfect backdrop to any Instagram photo, to some amazing galleries and St Benedict’s Church and University of Notre Dame, there is something for every avid photographer to choose from.

But, in our opinion, it has to be the stunning vertical gardens at One Central Park that is the crowning glory of the region. Make sure it is on your list of photo spots to visit in Sydney.

Photo Credit: David Stanley / Flickr

Hotel Palisade

If you’re looking for one of the best views from a bar in all of Sydney, then the Henry Deane at the Hotel Palisade has vistas for days. What’s better than to be sipping a cocktail and getting the perfect shot of the Sydney skyline?

Although if you’re feeling a little more flush, and want to find somewhere to stay that has (in our opinion) the best view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and so lends itself to that stunning bed and landmark shot, then check out the main Palisade Hotel.

Strand Arcade

Possibly not quite as famous as the QVB, but the Strand Arcade also offers a similar stunning background for your Instagram photos.

Located between George Street (yes, that one from earlier) and Pitt Street in the Sydney Central Business District, the arcade was opened in 1892 and is the last remaining arcade of its kind in the city, and has been included in the New South Wales State Heritage Register.

Photo Credit: Governor Macquarie / Flickr

Bondi Icebergs

The Bondi Icebergs Club is a Sydney institution, and with it located next to Bondi Beach is one of the most interesting places to visit in the city.

Note: If you’re keen to head down to the club for a swim, make sure that you book online in advance!

Shangri-La Hotel

Another hotel with a stunning view, but this time it’s more out to the Sydney Harbour and Opera House… but unsurprisingly if you’re wanting to get one of those bed shots with the landmarks in the background it won’t be cheap!

If you can’t quite afford that (let’s be honest most can’t), then consider booking at the Blu Bar on 36 or even splash out on dinner at the Altitude Restaurant for some of the best views and photo spots in Sydney! 

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Bare Island

Looking for a spot in Sydney that is completely away from the crowds? Then head over toward La Perouse area and find your way to the super cute heritage-listed Bare Island, connected to the mainland by the little Bare Island foot bridge.

If you’re looking for beautiful beach shots for your IG feed, then also check out Congwong and Little Congwong beaches right next to Bare Island.

Manly Wormhole

A lot of Sydney residents don’t know this little secret spot and hidden gem exists, so get yourself down to the tunnel that links Manly to Freshwater.

Built in 1908 and also known as the Queenscliff Tunnel, this spot offers some really unique rock photography opportunities.

Bronte Beach

Another gorgeous beach in Sydney, you’ll probably have lost count of the number of stunning little beaches you can visit in the city, but Bronte Beach makes the list of best Instagram spots in Sydney for 2 reasons. 

First of all is the beautiful Bronte Baths, the ocean swimming pool, set into the rocks, which makes for a stunning snap, and then the view from the top of the steps that lead down to the baths, which is another perfect little location!

As with most of the beaches and pools in Sydney (like the equally picturesque Palm Beach), just try and get to them as early as possible to get the best photos.

Interesting fact: Bronte beach isn’t named after the Bronte Sisters, but actually is a reference to Lord Nelson, who was also the Duke of Bronte! What’s more it also used to be known as Nelson Bay.

Hornby Lighthouse

Located at the entrance to Port Jackson and Sydney Harbour, the Hornby Lighthouse sits pride of place to the north of Watsons Bay.

The visually striking red and white structure pierces the landscape and provides the perfect landscape setting for a photo, especially during sunrise and sunset!

Top tip: Make sure that you stop in at the Gap Lookout when you visit Hornby Lighthouse, it’s another must-visit spot in Sydney. 

Observatory Hill Park

Another gem of a spot in Sydney’s CDB, the Observatory Hill Park offers a great view back across the city to the Harbour Bridge.

It’s also a very important part of Sydney’s history, being the location of the first windmill in 1796 (back then it was called Windmill Hill), became the location of Fort Philip in 1804 before becoming the location of the Sydney Observatory.  

Angel Place

Located right near to George Street and Pitt Street, you may well stumble across the art installation, Angel Place Birdcages – a number of empty birdcages hanging above the street.

Not only does the street make for a fabulous photo, it has a much more poignant meaning, as you walk under the artwork, Forgotten Songs by Michael Thomas Hill, you hear the bird calls of the birds that once inhabited Sydney, but are now no longer around.  A pretty stark reminder of what urbanisation has done to our planet. 

Royal National Park

Just South of Sydney, you’ll find the tranquil Royal National Park. And if you’re looking for nature, there is no better area to explore in and around the city.

Probably most famous for the Wedding Cake Rock, although unfortunately this is currently closed to the public as it has become very unstable.

Probably one of the best photo spots in the park is the Figure 8 Pools, but if you’re wanting that perfect Insta photo, make sure you check the times of the tides for your visit or you may well miss the unique landmark altogether!

Alternatively, if you want to find some stunning waterfalls for your feed, check out the Winifred Falls trail.

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Darling Harbour

Ok so Darling Harbour may not have quite the same draw as other areas in Sydney, but for us it provides some of the best photo shots in Sydney. You may not be able to see those famous landmarks, but there is something special about this place.

Head there on a calm evening to get some of amazing reflective shots.

Dudley Page Reserve

Set in Dover Heights, the Dudley Page Reserve initially appears nothing more than a small rectangular park in the middle of one of Sydney’s suburbs.

But when you arrive at the park, you’ll quickly realise that you’re in for a treat, as from the vantage point of this hill you have probably the best view of Sydney’s skyline.

Take a picnic blanket, get your camera on a tripod and you’ll create a romantic photo with the most beautiful of city backdrops.


And for one perfect seasonal photo, if you happen to find yourself in Sydney between October and November, then make sure you head to McDougall Street in Kirribilli, where you can catch the Jacarandas showing their full bloom.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the city during this short annual window, then you should definitely get yourself to what is probably the most Instagrammable place in Sydney… It really is on par with the cherry blossoms in Japan!

Photo Credit: Edward Howard / Flickr

Interactive map of the most Instagrammable places in Sydney

So, what do you think of our guide to the best Sydney photography spots? We’ve tried to keep it local (you could always venture out as far as the Blue Mountains if you’re willing to make a day trip of it), so you can tick them all off your photo bucket list.

Let us know in the comments below if you think we’ve missed any of the most Instagrammable places in Sydney off the list!

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