Couple Hashtags | Choosing the right Instagram hashtags (incl. lists)

Got your perfect couples photograph but need that red-hot hashtag mix to accompany it? Look no further! As passionate Instagrammers (and of course, a couple!) ourselves, we have spent many an hour (or a day) looking for the best tags for our pictures. So, we thought we’d spare you the trouble and put together this epic list of the best Instagram couple hashtags!

We’ve got a few copy and paste lists for you below but it’s also worth remembering that to get your post seen you need to be smart about your hashtag usage. So, we have a few insider tips and tricks for you below the lists, make sure you read on…

Romantic hashtags for couples

Top 10 Couple Hashtags 2020

You probably shouldn’t make too much use of these because they will be very difficult to compete with, but here are the top 10 couple hashtags used on Instagram:

  • #couple
  • #couplegoals
  • #relationshipgoals
  • #couples
  • #relationships
  • #couplesgoals
  • #cutecouples
  • #coupleshoot
  • #couplelove
  • #couplegoals❤
Top 10 Instagram couple hashtags

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Couple Hashtag Lists (Copy and Paste)

We guess this is what you’ve landed on this article for, right? Our personally researched list of hashtags for couples, across a number of different situations. Feel free to just copy and paste these although we do have some advice later on this post on how to use hashtags more effectively which we highly recommend that you read!

Let’s not waste any time, shall we? You’re probably just wanting your epic list of couples hashtags to use. Without further ado, here are some of the best couples hashtags to include in your posts, although we do advise you read on below to find out how to create a hashtag recipe, to get some increased engagement on that post of yours!

#beautifulcouples #couple #couplecase #couplegoal #couplegoals #coupleinlove #couplelove #couplelover #couplelovers #coupleloves #couplephoto #couplephotography #couplepic #coupleportrait #couplequotes #couplering #couples #coupleselfie #coupleset #couplesgoals #coupleshoot #coupleshot #couplesofinstagram #couplesphotography #couplestyle #coupletime #coupletravel #coupletrip #couplevideos #instacouple

Here are a few of the best hashtags referencing relationships:

#relationship #relationship101 #relationshipgoal #relationshipgoals #relationshipmemes #Relationshipposts #relationshipquote #relationshipquotes #relationships #relationships101 #relationshipsbelike #relationshipsgoals #relationshipsmatter #relationshipstatus #dreamlover #soulmate #soulmate_love_ #soulmatelove #dreamlovers

Are you travelling or on vacation? Try to use one of these travel couple hashtags for your epic travelling couple Instagram post:

#couplelovetravel #couplesthattravel #couplestravel #coupleswhotravel #coupletraveltheworld #couplewhotravel #creativetravelcouples #earthcouples #globecouples #inspiredtravelcouples #travelcouple #travelcouplelife #travelingcouple #travelingcouples #travellingcouples #travelpassport #travelustcouples #welovetravel

Perhaps it’s a super cute photo, in which case you could add these cute couple hashtags:

#blessed #boywithluv #cute #CuteAF #cutecouple #cutecouple #cutecouples #cutelove #cutelovers #cuteness #cutenessoverload #cutest #lovehim #luckygirl #luva

In a committed relationship? Try a girlfriend of boyfriend hashtag:

#bf #boyfriend #boyfriend #boyfriendandgirlfriend #boyfriendappreciation #boyfriendappreciationpost #boyfriendday #boyfriendgirlfriend #boyfriendgoals #boyfriendlove #boyfriendmaterial #boyfriendquotes #boyfriendsofinstagram #boyfriendtag #boyfriendtime

#gf #girlfriend #girlfriendandboyfriend #girlfriendbeautiful #girlfriendgoals #girlfriendlove #girlfriendmaterial #girlfriendpost #girlfriendquotes #girlfriendtime #loveher #luckygirlfriend

Married? We have a number of married couple hashtags to add to your post:

#hubbylove #marriage #marriage101 #marriage365 #marriagebootcamp #marriagegoals #marriagegoals #marriageisfun #marriagelife #marriagematerial #MarriageMatters #marriagequotes #marriagerocks #marriages #marriagetime #marriagetips #wifey #wifeyforlifey #wifeywednesday

Don’t forget you can only use a maximum of 30 hashtags for each Instagram post!

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Why use hashtags?

You might know that the Instagram algorithm has changed a lot over the years. Hashtags used to be one of the most effective ways to grow your account, although they aren’t as useful as they once were.

However, using hashtags effectively should still be a key part of your Instagram growth strategy as they help you gain visibility beyond your own following, attracting new potential followers to your account.

If you’re keen to learn more, we’ve actually created an entire Guide to Instagram Hashtags here.

Ubud 3 day itinerary - Wanagiri hidden hills couple photo

Creating your couples hashtag recipe

We’ve given you all the basics you need – why you should use hashtags and a handy list of the most popular ones. That said, if you just use the popular tags, you’ll find it a little tricky to get into that coveted Top 9 spot.

Think about it. If you use the hashtag #couple, you’re competing with 21 million other posts. However, #coupletime has 320,000 posts which means you’re in with a better chance.

Our advice is to always mix a different volume of hashtags together, like you would when following a recipe. Here’s our own personal hashtag recipe which has 28 hashtags.

  • 7-8 very popular hashtags – think 100 – 500k posts but no more than 1 million
  • 7-8 popular hashtags – try hashtags with over 10k but definitely less than 100k
  • 5-6 niche hashtags – think about your niche or the situation. Is this about relationships? Or about love lost? Choose hashtags related to the situation or context.
  • 3-4 branded hashtags – wearing a specific dress or shoes? What about being in a specific region or area? Find hashtags for the brand or for the place you’re in
  • 1 own hashtag – use your account name as your own hashtag. You never know when you’ll grow big enough for other Instagram accounts to use it!
Infographic for Instagram Hashtags Cheat Sheet

Using Instagram Search for couple hashtags

It’s also worth using Instagram’s own Search functionality to find more relationship hashtags for your picture.

How? As an example, just typing #couple into the search field will give you lots of other options to try. Like perhaps #couplesofinstagram (487k posts) or #coupletravelgoals (54k).

Alternatively, there are some free and paid hashtag tools. We love the ultimate provider, Hashtags for Likes, which provides the best list, albeit on a paid basis. Free tools like All Hashtag or Instavast are also a good starting place as a couple hashtags generator.

Couple hashtags - Instagram Search

Increasing engagement on your couples pic

Now this guide covers hashtags but that’s not the end of the Instagram success story in terms of increasing your likes, comments and follows.

Your first job is actually to ensure you have an incredible picture. Shoot with the best camera or camera phone you can afford, watch free Youtube tutorials on photography tricks and use proper filters and editing tools. Most professional content creators use Adobe Lightroom for edits, and buy or create their ‘presets’ which are like top-notch filters for your pictures. You can check some out here.

Next up is ensuring you have a very compelling caption. This draws in comments so its important you get it right. Use a quote or – our favourite trick – ask a question! To help you, we actually have number of Instagram caption guides. Your best bet is our generic Instagram Captions guide, or our Smile Captions for Instagram piece.

Last, but definitely not least, you could think about trying to get your photo featured by an Instagram repost account. These accounts feature the best photographs in specific niches, like travel, outdoors or fashion. If you want the full lowdown on that, we go into more detail on our piece on Instagram Feature Accounts, which includes a full list to try!

Bonus: Couple Hashtags in Insta Stories and Carousel Posts

Did you know that Instagram stories are an awesome way to test out your hashtags before you do your feed post? You can add hashtags to stories, so can try out a different one on each frame and then see how many viewers you had! The best ones can then be used on your feed post.

Also, its worth a quick note here about Carousel Posts and using couple hashtags in these. Carousel posts are multi-image feed posts where you add more than one picture. You might notice that you get very low hashtag impressions on these, since at time of writing, Instagram seems to have some problems giving you impressions when there is more than one photograph.

Instagram Couples Hashtag Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of hashtags you can insert in a comment on an Instagram photo?

You can insert a maximum of 30 hashtags in your posts. However, it’s worth trying lower numbers and mixing it up.

How do I find all the photos using a specific Instagram couple hashtag?

Simple, just search the hashtag in Instagram’s search bar, and you’ll find all the photos sorted by Top and by Recent.

Should I put the hashtags in the caption or the comment?

Either is fine. After extensive testing there seems to be no difference in how Instagram treats hashtags whether in the caption or comment, so do whichever you prefer!

Did you love our romantic hashtags for couples article? Please do let us know in the comments if there’s anything we missed or that you’d like to see us cover!

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