Travel Tips

We all know that planning for a holiday can be stressful… Well trying to sort out an itinerary, book hotels, travel, visas, flights etc… for a round the world trip, it can be damn well intimidating. So having gone through that recently we’ve put together some of our favourite travel tips to help you.

Although we are not travelling on the cheap, as budget conscious travellers we want to know how to save money, so hopefully have some good insights here on our hotel booking hacks.

James also suffers from a chronic illness – Ulcerative Colitis – and so in terms of staying healthy on the road, packing the right medication and also travelling with an illness like this, we’d like to think we’ve got some great travel tips for you!

If you’re also struggling to work out what to take on a round the world trip. After two months on the road, think we’ve finally cracked it, here are the best travel tips for what to pack.

Oh and finally, if you’ve got any travel tips that you’d like some help on, or even recommendations on articles that we can write about – let us know!

Our favourite hotel booking hacks | Tricks to save money on hotels

Our favourite hotel booking hacks | Tricks to save money on hotels

More than just a place to lay your head each evening, accommodation while travelling makes up the bulk of our costs and, so, is …