United Kingdom

It’s not possible to encapsulate the United Kingdom (UK) in a few quick paragraphs. More than just James’ childhood home, it’s one of the world’s most powerful countries.

Made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island, the UK is the birthplace of rugby, where football started and a hotbed for innovation and inventions since medieval times. The country has given us the lightbulb, chocolate bars (thank you for that!), the steam engine, the world wide web (not the internet, mind you), the telephone, the toothbrush. And while they didn’t invent tea (that one hails from China), they sure as hell love it, as they drink 163 million cups of it a day.

It is arguably the globe’s great colonial power but nowadays is a melting pot of international cultures, dialects and people.

Take the English capital, London. For many years the largest city in the world, London now boasts the highest numbers of languages – 300. It attracts people from across the globe not just to visit the city but to try and eke out a living, even if that’s a very expensive living (the city is also one of the world’s most pricey to stay). Regardless of price, you MUST visit London in your lifetime. And, if you do, we have what we think is the best itinerary for the city.

If you’re keen on extending time in the UK beyond England (and we highly recommend that you do), why not try one of the other UK capitals? Edinburgh has some incredible architecture, Cardiff a vibrant cultural scene and Belfast gives you a great picture of Irish charm.

4 days in London | Make the most of your time in England’s capital

4 days in London | Make the most of your time in England’s capital

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